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Marketer | Economist | Photographer | Entrepreneur
A Leo, INTJ & a cat mum.

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If you’re interested in who I am and what I write about, here’s a quick summary:

  • I have a long-standing career in marketing and experience in practically all areas, from traditional to digital and from the west to the east. Previously, I led the marketing and growth teams in Greater China for several fitness companies, including Les Mills and start-ups such as Le Tote, a US fashion subscription business.

  • I’m currently running my project and trying to get it off the ground. To an INTJ, gaining hands-on experience is much more enjoyable than discussing projects in an MBA programme because you get to research and experiment along the way.

  • I have an academic background in Economics, so naturally, I love structuring everyday problems in models and try to optimise the outcome for every decision. Messiness kind of drives me crazy.

  • I’m currently studying for my second master’s degree in photography at Falmouth University, attempting to balance the ability of my left and right brain.

  • I love reading. I think it’s the only way one can find clarity when stuck with a problem. Plus, all that wisdom only comes with a price tag of less than US$20 for a kindle book.

  • I love tech, gadgets and apps. So when most women find happiness splurging on Gucci bags and Manolo shoes, I pour my money into a bunch of AI software, Apple gear and Leica cameras. I know, I’m kind of nerdy…

  • Contrary to my introverted personality, I enjoy living in different places and making friends with people from contrasting cultures. I currently reside in Hong Kong.

Do drop me a line if you find any of this content helpful or if you have interesting insights to share – I’d love to know! Or if you are feeling generous, you can buy me a coffee. 🙂