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A Leo, INTJ & a cat mum.
I write about being a transitional entrepreneur and my will to optimise everything in life.

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I almost named this blog “Transitions”.

Have you noticed that we are always “transiting” from one stage to another in life? We move through different age brackets and career levels, picking up new skills, habits, and hobbies along the way. We progress from being single to a couple, from a 2-person family to possibly 3, 4 or 5. Our interests, priorities, and social circles change. We are consistently trying to adapt to the ever-transforming world.

I’m in the middle of a few major transitions as we speak.

I’d always been passionate about my career in marketing, where I had the precious opportunity to look after several amazing brands, moving between cities to lead local teams that were full of wonderful, talented people. 

But when the pandemic hit in 2020, everything went stale.

As life slowed down, I finally had the luxury to ponder. Should I sit around waiting for another opportunity or should I summon up the courage to do something new?

Waiting usually gives me anxiety, so I started an online business with my then Co-founder. One year later, I also began my postgraduate studies in photography – the polar opposite of my background in economics and business.

I wish I could end this introduction with the typical phrase “and the rest is history,” but I couldn’t. Because I’m still going through lots of transitions every day, big and small, and they seem to be never-ending. The amount of knowledge that I’m picking up in the process is just voluminous.

YAMMIE. NET is where I keep my notes. It’s a place where I record of my learnings along this challenging journey, covering my entrepreneurial experience, studies and (scientifically) the shift in mindset and resilience to stay afloat in the game of life. 

If you happen to be going through the same transitions, I hope these notes will help you, too.